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    T he Wilberg Mine fire, which claimed the lives of twenty-seven miners on 19 December 1984, was the most deadly coal-mine fire in Utah history and the worst U. S. mine disaster in a dozen years. Investigation of the fire revealed serious failures by the agencies charged with assuring coal mine safety. Located in Emery County, some 115 miles southeast of Salt Lake City, the Wilberg Mine was one

  • Squib (explosive)

    History. Squibs were originally made from parchment tubes, or the shaft of a feather, and filled with fine black powder.They were then sealed at the ends with wax. They were sometimes used to ignite the main propellant charge in a cannon.. Squibs were once used in coal mining to break coal away from rock.In the 1870s, some versions of the device were patented and mass-produced as Miners

  • Development of Environmental Friendly Dust Suppressant

    Therefore, the dust suppression effect of SDS-SPI cementing dust suppressant solution is more pronounced. As for the dust suppressant solution used in coal mines, considering the economic cost and the dust suppression effect, it would be non-ideal to have an excessively high viscosity. Usually the range of viscosity lies between 12.0–20.0 mPas.

  • Flow Enhancement Chemicals

    BT-CFE can be applied as a full-body treatment to the bulk of the material or as a spot solution in specific trouble areas. It also can be used with most standard dust control systems. We're ready to support you with the flow enhancement chemicals that keep your materials moving. Contact us at (630) 844-1300 today to speak with a Benetech

  • DGMS Circular: Directorate General Of Mines Safety

    Standards and Safety Provisions of Diesel Equipments for using in belowground coal and metalliferous mines Legislative Gazette notification on Forms, Standards, Procedures, Conditions, format of Notices and Inspections Reports, Bye-Laws, etc. under different provisions of the Coal Mines Regulations, 2017

  • Equipment manufacturer introduces new vehicle fire

    Nov 30, 2012The Astex Vehicle Fire Suppression System can be installed on vehicles, excavators, draglines, dozers, graders, underground mining equipment, forklifts, buses and medium-sized commercial vehicles

  • Fuel service truck catches fire at coal mine

    : Maules Creek Mine, Boggabri, NSW . Overview . A fuel service truck caught fire at an open cut coal mine. Diesel fuel from a breather assembly on top of the fuel tank flowed directly onto hot engine surfaces. The onboard fire suppression systems on the truck were unable to extinguish the fire. The operator escaped from the truck without injury.

  • Finding the effect of ventilation on conveyor belt fire

    sprinkler, deluge-type water spray and two different types of dry chemical fire suppression systems. The suppression systems are representative of the types used in underground coal mines in the United States, and the large-scale fire tests were conducted using fire-

  • Fire clay

    Properties. High-grade fire clays can withstand temperatures of 1,775 C (3,227 F), but to be referred to as a fire clay the material must withstand a minimum temperature of 1,515 C (2,759 F). Fire clays range from flint clays to plastic fire clays, but there are semi-flint and semi-plastic fire clays as well. Fire clays consist of natural argillaceous materials, mostly Kaolinite

  • New mines rescue vehicle

    Nov 25, 2019Australian refuge chamber manufacturer, Minearc has developed a new mines rescue vehicle for underground environments. The MineSAFE Rescue Vehicle design makes it a mobile refuge chamber for emergency responders and will likely compete with the Draeger designed mine rescue vehicle Minearc says that vehicle is engineered specifically for underground mining environments and

  • Fire suppressant

    A fire suppressant composition consisting of a slurry of clay slime or sewage sludge is used to extinguish fires in building it is almost impossible to control the spread of the fire. Sometimes a dry chemical-suppressant is used. A further object of this invention is to provide a method of preventing combustion of coal waste in coal mines.

  • Coal Mines Regulations, 2017

    Ministry of Labour and Employment. G.S.R. 1449(E). - Whereas the draft of certain regulations which the Central Government proposes to make, in exercise of the powers conferred by section 57 of the Mines Act, 1952 (35 of 1952) and on the recommendations of the Committee constituted under section 12 of the said Act, were published in the Gazette of India, Extraordinary, Part II, section 3, sub

  • Second Revision No. 9

    Pre-engineered dry chemical or wet chemical systems shall be designed, installed, and tested in accordance with the fire suppression system manufacturer's listed installation and maintenance manual.* Where the nature of a coal mine does not allow the NFPA

  • Fire Suppression Solutions

    Our fire suppression range used in the mining industry for over a decade, is an Australian made product and has been proven to cope with our harsh Australian conditions. With an innovative approach in the design, and quality manufacturing of our components, Pirtek Fire Suppression Systems are simpler to service and

  • asd

    Jul 28, 2021A number of east-European mining countries increasingly have turned to the new waterbags fire suppressant system for underground explosion-protection purpose. In 1999 the newly-developed waterbags system were presented. This water barrier system was intended as a passive explosion-protection device for use in underground coal mining.

  • A62D 1

    Patents for A62D 1 - Fire-extinguishing compositions; Use of chemical substances in extinguishing fires (3,050) 03/2005: 03/16/2005: CN1593695A Technology for reducing corrosiveness of aerosol

  • Liquid Dust Suppression Chemical, Grade Standard: Reagent

    DUSCON Suppressant for Flyash; Coal fly ash's use and disposal is receiving greater and greater attention of public, Government and Thermal Powder Plants in the interest of economy and environment. DUSCON is mixed with water in the ratio of 1:1000 depending upon the texture and particle size of the coal fly ash. It avoids excess use of water.

  • Vehicle Fire Suppression Installations Inspections

    Feb 10, 2019Designed for use in a wide range of industries, underground and surface mining, forestry/logging, construction, waste management, metal processing, transportation, power generation, agribusiness, and others. Used for Class A (debris) and Class B (fuel) fire suppression. Dual-Agent Systems uses both wet and dry chemical agent. The dry chemical

  • Fire Suppression Systems are used to extinguish

    Nov 23, 2020Fire Suppression Systems are used to extinguish, contain, or in some cases, entirely prevent fires from spreading or occurring. Fire Suppression Systems have an incredibly large variety of applications, and as such, there are many different types of suppression systems for different applications being used today.

  • Preparation and Characterization of a Composite Dust

    Dec 09, 2020polymer dust suppressant with 0.1% Triton X-100 and 0.7% guar gum that was suitable for brown coal open-pit mines. The dust suppressant had an obvious e ect on the suppression of fine particles, and the hardness of its cured layer reaches 61.43, which can

  • Fire suppression systems

    Dec 15, 2010Fire suppression systems make work safer, protecting both the operator and the equipment investment. Companies like Tyco, Kidde and Cold Fire develop and design specialized systems to keep operator and equipment safety priority number one. Lean, green, fire fighting machine. Eco-friendly chemicals protect the operator and environment.

  • The development and characterization of a novel coagulant

    May 31, 2017This paper proposes the development of a novel coagulant for dust suppression in open-cast mines. Specifically, pretreated sodium lignin sulfonate and acrylic acid were first cross-linked, then the graft copolymerization of the intermediate product (the cross-linking product) and acrylamide was conducted and finally the resulting gelatinous substances were crushed.

  • fire protection for the mining industry, fire systems for

    A large fire in a mine can be a serious threat. If that mine is under prepared, the consequences can be horrific. The hazardous nature and typical remoteness of mining operations makes extra vigilance in preventing and adequately preparing for fires a financial, legal and ethical necessity.

  • The fire suppression market is expected to reach an

    Jun 14, 2021Trends, opportunities and forecast in fire suppression market to 2026 by product type (chemical, gaseous, water, and based), by end use industry (industrial, commercial, transportation, and others), and by region (North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Rest of the World).New York, June 14, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Reportlinker announces the release of the report Fire


    THE MODELLING OF FIRE SPREAD AND SUPPRESSION WITHIN 1 Nottingham Mining and Minerals Centre, School of Chemical, Environmental and Mining Engineering 2 School of Civil Engineering, 3 School of Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing Engineering University of Nottingham, UNITED KINGDOM ABSTRACT Underground fires in deep coal mines are an

  • Mine Safety Health [Expert Advice]

    This act expanded on 1969's Federal Coal Mine Health and Safety Act, which mandated consistent inspections of coal mines and required that financial penalties be enforced if violations were found. This landmark safety law protecting miners was established after the 1968 Farmington coal mine explosion in Virginia, which killed 78 miners.

  • Spontaneous Coal Combustion Part 2: Chemical Inhibitors

    This caused a significant spike in coal consumption, leading to more and more documentation of spontaneous coal fires in mines, on trains, and in coal-fired power plants and steel mills. Early research studies of coal oxidation identified several key parameters that influence the process, such as coal rank, particle size, and surface area, and

  • Extinguishing Magnesium Fires

    Thus soda-acid extinguishers and mechanical or chemical should not be used on a magnesium fire. PITCH DERIVED FROM COAL, TAR. U. S. Dept, of the Interior, Bureau of Mines. R. I. 3672

  • I

    Jul 09, 2015From Creamer Media in Johannesburg, this is the Real Economy Report. Environmental solutions company I- hosted live fire demonstrations last month, showcasing several fire suppression

  • Welcome to IRCIMFR

    Water mist — an emerging fire suppression system to control coal mine fire 'Water mist' refers to fine water sprays in which 99% Of the volume Of the spray is in droplets with diameter less than 1000 gm. The paper deals With the use Of 'water mist' as fire suppressant in coal mines. Water mist

  • Halon Recycling Disposal

    Halon is an incredibly effective fire suppression chemical, but use to its status as a CFC it is no longer being made. However, Halon can be sourced through fire suppression system chemical recycling and brought up to new compliance standards. FM200 Fire Suppression

  • Code of Practice

    You should use this code if you are a mine operator of an underground coal mine, or a person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU), who: • carries out analysis of limestone dust (stone dust) for use as an explosion suppressant in underground coal mines • determines the incombustible content of roadway dust in an underground coal mine.